Belleville Fire Department

Mission Statement
The mission of the Belleville Fire Department is to provide fire safety and prevention education, inspection, suppression, investigation, and hazardous material mitigation for the community. To provide the highest level of service for the level of resources provided to the department and to be highly trained and physically fit.

Department History
In 1841, Belleville's first fire department was organized. This was a volunteer department with two fire stations. By 1878, the city council authorized a pay schedule for its firefighters. In 1918, Belleville's firefighters unionized and became charter members of the International Association of Firefighters. Belleville Firefighters Local 53, as a charter member of the I.A.F.F., is very active in the community and surrounding area.

By the 1920's Belleville was a growing community with two engine houses. In 1932 a third engine house was opened in the west end of Belleville at 6200 West Main Street. This engine house gave the city three strategically located engine houses with thirty-three firefighters in the department. A fourth engine house was recently opened on January 12, 2009 to keep up with the increasing population and growth of the city.

In the 1950's, The Belleville Fire Department had changed its' work week from a 72 hour week to a 56 hour work week. In 1971 the department changed to a 42 hour work week.

Mutual Aid Agreement
The Belleville Fire Department is a member of M.A.B.A.S Division 32, a mutual aid agreement that includes most of the fire departments in St. Clair County and the St. Louis, MO City Fire Department. M.A.B.A.S. (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) divisions throughout the state of Illinois, provide a structured means of obtaining or supplying resources in times of need to all fire departments that need assistance.