The city offers curbside recycling for all residents with trash service. Those residents with existing recycling containers can place all recyclables co-mingled into an existing container or place all recyclables in a 32 gallon trash can, without wheels, properly marked RECYCLE. Only place recyclables in these containers. No sorting is necessary of recyclable materials.

Recyclables are collected weekly on your regular trash collection day. 

The City DOES accept the following recyclables:
  • Plastics (no Styrofoam; no plastic bags; no plastic utensils) 
  • Glass (jars / bottles only) 
  • Paper (office, envelopes, folders, spiral notebooks) 
  • Cardboard (broken down) (no waxed cardboard) 
  • Paperboard (broken down) 
  • Aluminum and Tin 
  • Newspaper
View a complete brochure listing of recyclables.

The City DOES NOT accept electronics of any kind for recycling.