City Code of Ordinances

Current Code of Ordinances

View Belleville's complete Code of Ordinances, including codifications up through March 26, 2020.


Accessing the Online Code

Information on how to use the online Code of Ordinance is available in the Guide to Navigating and Searching the American Legal Publishing Cody Library.

Non-Codified Ordinances

The City Clerk’s Office will continue to provide the most up-to-date Code of Ordinances available, however, due to the codification process, some lag time may occur between codification approval and online availability. The following ordinances have been approved by the Belleville City Council but have not been codified to date.


8924-2021_Chapter 150_151_152_Building Permits_PBC_Public Schools

8923-2021_Chapter 93 (Nuisances)_Notification_Immediate Abatement

8913-2021_Business Regulations_Business License Fee Waiver 2021-2022

8912-2021_Business Regulations_Adult Use Cannabis

8905-2021_Delaying the Deadline for Payment of Fees for Annual Rental Property for Registration in Calendar Year 2020


8904-2020_Authorizing Sale_Conversion of Personal Property

8902-2020_Traffic_503 North Jackson

8901-2020_Tax Abatement

8900-2020_Tax Levy



8885-2020_Traffic_West Main between 2nd and 3rd

8884-2020_Traffic_20 North 78th Street

8883-2020_Traffic_313 North 5th Street

8882-2020_Traffic_Abend_North_Mascoutah Avenue_Garfield Street

8881-2020_Electrical Commission

8880-2020_Human Relation Commission


8873_2020_Traffic_121 East Washington_3414 West Main Street_Library Curbside Pickup

8871_2020_Traffic_300 North Charles_1 Space in front of VFW Post 1739

8870_2020_Traffic_South Delaware Street_From East Main Street to End of Block

8865-2020_Beggars and Panhandlers

8864-2020_Parking Spaces_Areas

8863-2020_Police Department Speed Monitor Trailer

8856-2020_Traffic_Parking Meter Zones

8439-2020_Annual Budget_2020-2021

8438-2020_Delaying the Deadline for Payment of Fees for Annual License Renewals FY 2021

8437-2020_Transfer from Working Cash Fund to General Fund

8435-2020_Adult Use Cannabis_500 feet

8434-2020_Placing of Containers

8433-2020_Chapter 154

8432-2020_Electrical Code

8431-2020_Traffic_North Church Street at 1122 to 1124 North Church

8430-2020_Traffic_Cedar grove Drive and Sparrow Point

8429-2020_Traffic_Cedar Grove Drive and Longridge Circle

8423_2020 Parking Schedules - 314 East ’E’ Street

8422-2020 Fireworks repealed in entirety

8415-2020_2001 Chevrolet Blazer_Scrapping Vehicle

8414-2020_Traffic Schedules_North Church_LaSalle_Bristow_Lucinda

8413-2020_Groundwater_Dexter Lane and McClintock Avenue

8412-2020_Electrical Commission_Adoption of New Code

8411-2020_Building Permit Fees_Solar

8410-2020_Use Car Dealers_Ch. 124