City Code of Ordinances

Current Code of Ordinances
View Belleville's Code of Ordinances which includes codifications up through December 17, 2018.

Accessing the Online Code

Helpful information on how to use the new online Code of Ordinance is available in a Video Tutorial created by American Legal Publishing Corporation. The video includes instructions for searching, printing and saving information found in the online code.

Non-Codified Ordinances

The City Clerk's Office will continue to provide the most up-to-date Code of Ordinances available, however, due to the codification process, some lag time may occur between codification approval and online availability. The following ordinances have been approved by the Belleville City Council but have not been codified to date.

ORDINANCE_8409-2019_Zoning_COB_Zoning Code Amendment_73-DEC-19

ORDINANCE_8408-2019_Zoning_COB_Zoning Code Amendment_72-DEC-19

ORDINANCE_8407-2019_Zoning_COB_Zoning Code Amendment_71-DEC-19

ORDINANCE_8406-2019_Zoning_COB_Zoning Code Amendment_70-DEC-19

ORDINANCE_8405-2019_Zoning_COB_Zoning Code Amendment_69-DEC-19

ORDINANCE_8404-2019_Zoning_COB_Zoning Code Amendment_68-DEC-19

ORDINANCE_8403-2019_Zoning_M Properties_67-DEC-19

ORDINANCE_8402-2019_Zoning_Dale Signs_66-DEC-19

ORDINANCE_8401-2019_Am Title XI_Adult-Use-Cannabis

Ordinance_8400-2019_Abating Taxes 2019

Ordinance_8399-2019_Annual Tax Levy

ORDINANCE_8398-2019_Amending Chapter 33 Section 085_Adopting 2015 Fire Code

ORDINANCE_8397-2019_Ch. 117.01_Extended Stay_Shared Kitchen

ORDINANCE_8396-2019_Ch. 50.056_Use of Public Sewer

ORDINANCE_8376-2019_Cannabis Retailers Occupation Tax

ORDINANCE_8375-2019_Sale of 2009 International

ORDINANCE_8374-2019_Scrap 2000 Mack

ORDINANCE_8373-2019_Scrap 1992 International

ORDINANCE_8372-2019_Adopting Supplement S-4

ORDINANCE_8371-2019_Crime Free Housing Amendments

ORDINANCE_8370-2019_Zoning_Acts Prohibited_Design Review

ORDINANCE_8369-2019_Human Relations Commission

ORDINANCE_8363-2019_Am Ch 75_through street Schlueter-Germain Road and Obstweb Road

ORDINANCE_8357-2019_Vacating an Alley Easement Adjacent to Eastview Baptist Church

ORDINANCE 8348-2019_Am Parks and Rec_No Alcohol in Rotary, Ever and Anon, Hough, Southside and Pleasant Hill Parks unless he or she has been issued a permit by the Mayor with Council approval.

ORDINANCE 8345-2019_Traffic_Am Ch 75_Eliminating_4-Way Stop_McClintock and McKinely

ORDINANCE 8344-2019_Traffic_Am Ch 75_4-Way Stop_McClintock and Garden

ORDINANCE_8325-2019_Amending Ch 76_South 30th Street from West Main to Martha Street

ORDINANCE 8324-2019_Adopting Code of Ordinance_3

ORDINANCE_8323-2019_RIBO Enterprises_12-MAR-19

ORDINANCE_8322-2019_Michael Bielke_11-MAR-19

ORDIANNCE_8320-2019_Well of Living Water Ministries_09-MAR-19

ORDINANCE_8319-2019_Sikorski Signs_08-MAR-19

ORDINANCE 8318-2019_An Ordinance De-Annexing certain territory owned by David Biver

ORDINANCE 8317-2019_An Ordinance annexing certain territory owned by David Biver

ORDINANCE 8316-2019_An Ordinance amending Chapter 76_Parking Schedules_South 22nd Street_East_from South Belt west to dead end

ORDINANCE 8315-2019_An Ordinance amending Chapter 76_Parking Schedules_North Church_West

ORDINANCE 8314-2019_An Ordinance amending Chapter 76_Parking Schedules_201 North Church_3 spaces in front of SWIC_PSOP

ORDINANCE_8313-2019_An Ordinance amending Title XV_land Usage_Chapter 150_Building Code_Dumpster Permit

ORDINANCE_8312-2019_An Ordinance amending Title XI_Business Regulations_Chapter 110_General Licensing Provisions_Form_City Clerk License Form

ORDINANCE_8311-2019_An Ordinance amending Title XI_Business Regulations_Chapter 121_Liquor Code_Section 121.06_License Classifications, Fees, Numbers

ORDINANCE_8310-2019_An Ordinance amending Chapter 33_Public Safety Law Enforcement_PSEBA

ORDINANCE 8304-2019_Repealing 8294-2018_2004 Dodge Dakota

ORDINANCE8303-2019_Banks as Depositories

ORDINANCE 8302-2019_Ch 70.044

ORDINANCE 8301-2019_Traffic_Ch 76_Parking_South 27th Street

ORDINANCE 8300-2019_Traffic_Ch 76_Parking_Freeburg Avenue East

ORDINANCE 8255-2018 Secondhand Dealers (consignment stores)

ORDINANCE 8254-2018 Electrical Code Reciprocity

ORDINANCE 8253-2018 Chapter 157; Chapter 162 Storage Sheds