City Code of Ordinances

Current Code of Ordinances
View Belleville's Code of Ordinances which includes codifications up through June 30, 2018.

Accessing the Online Code

Helpful information on how to use the new online Code of Ordinance is available in a Video Tutorial created by American Legal Publishing Corporation. The video includes instructions for searching, printing and saving information found in the online code.

Non-Codified Ordinances

The City Clerk's Office will continue to provide the most up-to-date Code of Ordinances available, however, due to the codification process, some lag time may occur between codification approval and online availability. The following ordinances have been approved by the Belleville City Council but have not been codified to date.

8304-2019_Repealing 8294-2018_2004 Dodge Dakota

8303-2019_Banks as Depositories

8302-2019_Ch 70.044

8301-2019_Traffic_Ch 76_Parking_South 27th Street

8300-2019_Traffic_Ch 76_Parking_Freeburg Avenue East

8291-2018_An Ordinance Amending Title IX_Ch. 94_Parks and Recreation

8290-2018_An Ordinance amending Title III (Administratio)_Chapter 31 (Officials and Employees)

8289-2018_An Ordinance amending Title XI_Business Regulations_Chapter 119_Healing Arts and Massage Services)

8288-2018_An Ordinance amedning Article XV_Infill Devlopment Program

8287-2018_An Ordinance Abating All Taxes Hereto Levied for 2018

8286-2018_Annual Tax Levy

8285-2018_Authorizing Sale_Conversion of Personal Property

8283-2018_Zoning_City of Belleville Zoning Code Amendment

8275-2018_Truck Route at South 11th Street from West Main to South Belt West

8269-2018_Traffic_Walnut Street

8266-2018_Solar Energy Systems

8255-2018 Secondhand Dealers (Consignment Stores)

8254-2018 Electrical Code Reciprocity

8253-2018_Chapter 157_Chapter 162 Storage Sheds

8252-2018 Supplement 2 Codification

8250-2018_Amending Chapter 76 (Parking Schedules)_203 Abend Street_Persons with Disabilities Parking

8249-2018_Amending Chapter 75 (Traffic Schedules)_North 42nd Street and Oak Lane_Right-of-Way Yield Street_Direction

8248-2018_Amending Chapter 76 (Parking Schedules)_Harrison - From 2nd to 3rd Streets

8238-2018_Amending Chapter 154_Property Maintenance Code

8237-2018_Amending Chapter 154_Vacant Property Program

8236-2018_Amending Chapter 54_Trees

8235-2018_Amending Chapter 111_Amusement and Recreation_Raffles

8216-2018_Amending Chapter 76 (Parking Schedules)_503 North Jackson

8213-2018_Amending Article XV (Land Usage) by Adding Chapter 163 (Small Wireless Facilities)

8181-2018 Amended Business Licenses $25 to $50 and $60 to $65_Chapter 117 and 154_3_19_2018