Health, Housing & Building

Permit Requirements & Applications

Any improvements to private property within the corporate city limits of Belleville will require appropriate permits to be obtained through the city's Health, Housing & Building Department. The fees for the permits vary as to the size and scope of the project.

Applications for permits and information on building code regulations are available below or by visiting the Health, Housing & Building Department office. All completed applications must be returned to the Health, Housing & Building Department office. 

Residential Certificate of Occupancy

Residents moving into Belleville are advised that a “Certificate of Occupancy” is required to be obtained before the residence can legally be occupied. An inspection of the dwelling is conducted by the City to ensure there are no substantial defects and violations according to the City's housing code and ordinance. If so, they must be corrected before occupancy is permitted. Critical areas of inspection include the electrical and plumbing systems, exterior and interior structural elements, and other areas that are readily visible.

To help residents through the process, the Health & Housing Department has prepared guidelines for the following:

Licensed Contractors

View the Health, Housing & Building Department's lists of approved Electrical Contractors.

Crime Free Housing

All owners, landlords, and/or managing agents of rental property must review, complete, and submit the required Crime Free Housing Forms.  

Report A Concern

Concerns such as derelict property, overhanging trees or shrubs, high grass or weeds, and abandoned vehicles can be reported to the City using the Report A Concern form. These complaints are handled through the Health & Housing Department with the assistance of the Belleville Police Department to enforce nuisance ordinances and regulations.

Bedroom Space Regulations

Annual Reports

The Health, Housing & Building Department publishes Annual Building & Development Reports. View most recent report/View all reports