The Sanitation Department consists of a director, a foreman, 14 drivers, and a secretary. The department provides refuse and recycling collection services for its residents. If you are a new resident, service will start as soon as your water is turned on. Trash, recycling, and yard waste are collected once per week. A Resident Packet with helpful information is available via the link at the bottom of this page. 

Refuse Collection

All trash must be bagged and must fit inside a trash toter or can with the lid closed. Trash placed on the top or outside of the the container will not be collected.

Automated Collection

For residents with automated trash collection, toters up to 96 gallons are available from the City. The first toter is provided by the City and must remain with the property. All additional toters are $75 and can be paid for at the Sanitation Office or City Hall. Yard waste and building materials are not accepted for disposal in toters.

Manual Collection

Trash cans can be up to 45 gallons in capacity. They must have handles and lids and weigh no more than 60 pounds when filled. All 45 gallon cans used must contain bagged trash. Loose trash is not collected.

Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste will be collected in biodegradable, two-ply Kraft paper bags designed for yard waste collection, or in trash cans clearly marked 'Yard Waste' on the side of the can in letters not less than four inches high. 

Trash cans must have handles, must not exceed 32 gallons in capacity, and must weigh no more than 60 pounds when filled. Yard waste does not include dirt, sod, rock, concrete, asphalt, lumber, tree stumps, or logs over six inches in diameter.

Brush or branches not exceeding six inches in diameter may be bundled with rope or twine for collection. Bundles may not exceed 18 inches in diameter, four feet in length and 60 pounds in weight. The City will pick up one live Christmas tree per residence regardless of size. All decorations must be removed before pick up.

Resident Packet

Download and print a Resident Packet with information about all of the Sanitation Department's services. 

Sanitation Resident Packet 8-2020
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