The Street Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 560 lane miles, plus an additional 262 center lane miles of roadway and 60 miles of alleys. The staff consists of a Director of Public Works, an Assistant Director, a secretary, and 15 street workers.

Duties include: 

  • concrete repair 
  • crack sealing 
  • guardrails & concrete barriers 
  • litter control 
  • mowing & weed spraying - right-of-ways only 
  • pothole repair 
  • road edge repair 
  • sign replacement 
  • snow and ice removal 
  • sweeping streets 
  • tree trimming and removal – right-of-ways only  
  • weather related emergencies

Ditching and re-digging ditches that have silted in, culvert repair and replacement, and catch basin and detention basin cleaning and repairing are all done on an as-needed basis. The Street Department also supplies and hauls rip rap, dirt, and rock for erosion and flood control.

This department oversees replacing or repairing damaged, missing, or old traffic control signs, including stop signs, no parking signs, loading zone signs, and handicap signs, as well as other miscellaneous informational signs, such as warning signs and street markers.

A central crew provides attention to the business areas for signage, curb markings, and overall litter control.

Street Light Outages

Street light outages should be reported to the Engineering Department using the Report a Concern Form.

Traffic Signs

New Signs:
To request new signs such as Stop, Yield, Parking, Loading, Handicap Parking, etc., view the Traffic Committee Sign Packet.

All Other Signs:
For all other sign requests, use Report a Concern.

Snow Removal Procedures

The Street Department tries to ensure that streets remain clear of ice and snow. Read about the city's Snow Removal Procedures

Oil & Chipping Procedures

The City of Belleville Street Department, in conjunction with the Engineering Department and a local contractor, will conduct oil & chip operations in west Belleville beginning August 30th utilizing IDOT approved oil, rock chips, and application methods.  The areas include streets between Frank Scott Parkway and 17th St.  We will not be south of 28th and 29th Streets, except for the portion of Town Hall Road from Frank Scott Parkway to Allsup Place.    

Motorists are asked to observe traffic control signs and flag personnel, and move parked cars off the affected streets by 6:00 a.m. Signs are generally posted on streets prior to operations, however, the exact day for a particular street cannot be determined.

Oil curing time is dependent upon air temperature and humidity, but is usually less than 15 minutes. After the oil is applied, chips are spread, and a roller compacts the chips into the oil.

Motorists are asked to please not drive over fresh oil, and to exercise caution on the freshly chipped streets.

The City of Belleville is not responsible for vehicles driving through fresh oil before chips have been spread, or for weather related issues.