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Selected Website Links

Book Jetty:  BookJetty is a social cataloging app that will let you set up a bookshelf of titles you own or want and then easily search for them in your local library with a click. Amazon and other book lists can be imported for quick startup.  

Capwiz:  Set up by the Illinois Library Association, this web site provides contact information and more for your federal, state, and local government officials. 

Chronicling America:  Chronicling America is a free, national, searchable database of historic American newspaper pages published between 1880 and 1922.  Newspapers are constantly being added. 

Dead Fred:  Search a photo archive database that contains more than 90,000 identified and mystery photographs for genealogy enthusiasts.  The site also contains a smaller database of school yearbooks or annuals. 

Digital Newspaper Collection from the U of I:  Includes the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection, Farm, Field and Fireside Collection, and the Collegiate Chronicle. 

Fantastic Fiction:  This website includes bibliographies for over 20,000 authors and information on over 270,000 books. 

FEMA:  Flood information offered by FEMA.  Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this website features updated fuel economy data for new and used passenger vehicles dating back to 1985, allows side-by-side vehicle comparisons, and offers fuel-saving tips. 

Good Reads:  Keep track of what you've read and share recommendations with other members of this book lovers' community.  

Highlight Kids: is a free website where kids can read story books, play games, and learn about science online.  Also featured are interactive online games to accompany those found in the Highlights Kids magazine.  Office website of Illinois government 

Illinois Authors Wiki:  A comprehensive resource for information on authors, photographers and illustrators who have published books, lived in Illinois or written about Illinois.

Illinois Department of Revenue:  Illinois tax forms and information 

Illinois Harvest:  Illinois Harvest is a free public gateway combining search, aggregation, and discovery services.  We provide organized and thematic access to digitized and born-digital resources about Illinois, created by Illinois scholars, or included among the digital collections of The University of Illinois Library. 

Illinois State Archives IRAD System:  Access to online databases and lists of holdings for each county in Illinois.  

Internal Revenue Service:  Download federal tax forms  

Internet Public Library:  The Internet Public Library (IPL) is a public service organization and learning/teaching environment founded at the University of Michigan School of Information and hosted by Drexel University's College of Information Science & Technology.   

Light Up Your Brain and Sound Stories:  The Light Up Your Brain and Sound Stories Web sites offer downloadable audio versions of popular fairy tales and storybooks.  Available as MP3 files, those stories can be enjoyed in the classroom listening center, car, or family room.  A wide variety of titles, including such classics as Peter Rabbit, Rapunzeland The Emperor's New Clothes, make these sites a no-cost alternative to books on tape.   

Literature Map:  Enter the name of a favorite author and you'll get a display of writers' names, with your pick at the center.  The idea: The closer a name sits to your favorite, the greater the likelihood that you'll enjoy that author's work. 

Missouri Department of Revenue:  Access to Missouri tax forms and information  

OnlineSearch:  Search public records for free.

Paperback Swap:  PaperBack Swap is a community hub for trading your paperbacks, hardbacks, audiobooks, and textbooks with others. Members can easily mail books as the site provides exact postage labels which can be printed out. Once a book is mailed, you can request one for yourself from the cache of over 3 million titles available. 

PeopleSmart:  Learn about online privacy tips at this website.  Gives you information on topics such as identity theft, financial privacy, and others.

Readups: Readups is a social community where you can read public domain books and discuss them with groups. Members can annotate books and make their comments public for discussions or keep them private. You can even upload your own books. 

St. Clair County Legal Aid Center:  An internet-based legal self-help center to assist lower income people who need to represent themselves in court in civil matters.  The center provides legal information on Illinois law including legal pleadings, videos, and other information to help self-represented litigants learn more about how to handle their own legal problems.  

Storybooks Online:  A delightful site featuring nothing but stories.  Grouped by age interest level. 

Story Time For Me:  A free online children’s book library with over 30 books and growing by the month. 

Tax Filing Resources: Tax filing resource for tax filers. 

The Best Kids Book Site:  An interactive website for kids where books, crafts, podcasts, online video, and web resources intersect. 

THOMAS (Library of Congress):  In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, legislative information from the Library of Congress. 

U.S. Food and Drug Administration:  The FDA's website to keep updated on food and drug safety.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services - Genealogy:  The federal government has opened the immigration files of millions of refugees, war brides, "enemy aliens" and other foreign nationals in the USA in the first half of the 20th century.  Go here for information on obtaining these records. 

YA Lit:  Your guide to current and upcoming young adult books.