Department Overview

The Marketing Department manages and administers initiatives for the City that help to develop and promote     

  • its unique assets and quality of life advantages,
  • its opportunities for residential and economic growth and development, and
  • a positive image of the community.
City Website
The Marketing Department works directly with all other city departments to help create and maintain the content on the City's website,

Launched in August of 2013, the website was developed with the intent to provide helpful information for our residents and businesses, and for those who might be interested in starting a business in Belleville or visiting or living here.
Web Home Page 5-7-18 - Copy
In January of 2017, a complete update and redesign began. The new site, as you view it today, was launched in August of 2017.
City Newsletter
The Marketing Department is responsible for coordinating the City's Quarterly Newsletter. The newsletter is published in January, April, July, and October. In addition to being available via the City's website, the newsletter is mailed to every business and residence in the corporate city limits of Belleville. 

The City Newsletter contains helpful information and resources such as phone numbers of city departments and elected officials, holiday trash collection schedules, and upcoming events. It also keeps residents and businesses informed about special meetings, progress on projects, and new developments and new businesses in Belleville. 
Newsletter April 2017 - Copy

Social Media

Stay informed about City events and important happenings through Facebook at Welcome to Belleville IL, and through Twitter at Belleville_ILL

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City Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Event Planning

The Marketing Department is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing several annual events that are sponsored by the City. It also assists with the organizing of other events and special programs, as they arise.

Radio and Print Media Ads

The creation of radio advertisements, as well as newspaper, magazine, and other printed promotions, is also part of the Marketing Department's responsibilities.