BFD Historic Photo of Apparatus
BFD Current Photo of Apparatus by Engineer Ryan Mahoney

The Belleville Fire Department operates eight pieces of apparatus out of four stations. Each station has a full complement of life-saving tools and equipment, and is equipped with a front line piece of apparatus and a spare apparatus available for additional alarm fires to be staffed by off duty firefighters.

Each of the front line apparatus have a full compliment of tools to handle daily calls including vehicle extrication tools, air bags, automated external defibrillator, medical equipment, and gas monitoring meters. 

Apparatus Name Location Year Make Model
Engine 1211 Engine House 1 2017 E-One Typhoon Pumper
Engine 1212 Engine House 1 1991 Pierce Arrow Pumper
Engine 1222 Engine House 2 1984 E-One Pumper
Ladder 1229 Engine House 2 2012 E-One 75' Aerial
Engine 1231 Engine House 3 2004 E-One Typhoon Pumper
Engine 1232 Engine House 3 2003 E-One Arrow Pumper
Ladder 1249 Engine House 4 2008 Pierce 75' Ladder
Ladder 1299 Engine House 4 2001 E-One 75' Aerial
Rescue Boat Engine House 4 2008 --- FSI

Engine Houses

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