Sewer & Trash Billing

Activating/Closing Account

Activating/closing your sewer and/or trash account with the City of Belleville is easy and automatic. After contacting Illinois American Water at  800-422-2782 or online at Amwater regarding your water service, the City of Belleville receives your account information and opens/closes your sewer and/or trash account.

The bill for the City of Belleville sewer and/or trash account is printed on a blue post card. View an example of a sewer bill with explanations of charges

Note: Bills for rental property are sent to the owner or management company per our city ordinance Title V: Chapter 50.015 Basic charges for all users of city sewers. To receive email notifications, you may register your account with Payment Service Network. Please contact us at 618-233-6810 if you need your account number.

Note for closing accounts: The closing bill will include any unpaid charges and will reflect a different account number. Be sure to specify the correct account number to ensure your payment is applied correctly.

Current Sewer Rates

View the City of Belleville's Sewer Rates for residential and commercial properties.

NOTE: daily sewer line insurance rate increase is effective on January 1, 2023. Sewer Lateral Rate Increase

Make a Payment or View Bill

Make a payment, view a bill, or set up notifications by registering with Payment Service Network, Inc. (PSN).

Do not use this service and contact the Sewer Collections Department at 618-233-6810 if:

  • A letter has been received from Illinois American Water stating the account has been processed for shut off due to non-payment of the sewer bill  
  • Water service has already been disconnected

Payment Options

By Direct Debit

The City of Belleville offers a direct debit option to have your payment made automatically (ACH) through your bank.  The Direct Debit method reduces the chances for late payments and the fees associated with late payments.
Complete the Sewer and Trash Payment (ACH) Authorization Form or call and request to have one mailed or emailed to you. This service is provided free of charge. 

By Credit/Debit Card or eCheck

All major credit/debit card types are accepted, however there is a convenience fee of 2.7% (+ an additional .40 for payments under $100 ). A convenience fee of $.90 will be applied for payments processed from your checking account.

By Phone 

Call toll-free 877-885-7968 and provide the customer account number, service address, and zip code. A convenience fee of applies for this service.

After registering with Payment Service Network, download the QR Code for easy payments from your mobile device.

QR Code - Payment Service Network, Inc.

Payment Service Network Link, City of Belleville QR Code 2023

By Mail

Send check or money-order to Treasurer's Office, P.O. Box 388, Belleville, IL  62222-0388. Enclose the payment stub to ensure proper credit to the account. DO NOT send cash through the mail or deposit cash into the drop boxes.

By Drop Boxes Located At:

  • 2nd block of South 1st Street along the County Parking Garage
  • North entrance of City Hall facing West Washington Street
  • 8800 West Main St.

For Assistance

For assistance with paying or viewing your bill online, call PSN at 866-917-7368.

Please contact the Sewer & Trash Billing Department at 618-233-6810, or send email to

Sewer/trash lien inquiries can be sent to