Crime Statistics & Calls for Service

Uniform Crime Reporting

The Illinois Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) requires agencies to report the occurrence of selected offenses and arrests within ten Index Crime categories. The Belleville Police Department reports offenses and arrests on a monthly basis in the following categories:

*Criminal Homicide
*Aggravated Battery/Aggravated Assault
*Motor Vehicle Theft
*Human Trafficking – Commercial Sex Acts
*Human Trafficking – Involuntary Servitude
Additionally, Index Crime Reporting includes the submission of select drug offense arrests.

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Calls for Service

The Belleville Police Department has changed the “Blotter” list to the “Calls for Service” list. The Blotter list showed reports taken during a specific time frame. The Calls for Service list shows calls that the Police Department responded to during a one week time frame and shows the following:

  • date and time the event (call) occurred
  • event (call) number
  • type of event or what the call was based on
  • caller or officer's information given to the telecommunicator
  • address of where the event (call) occurred
  • all associated reports created by the responding officer
  • district in which the event (call) occurred

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