Railroad Crossing Repairs & Detours

On May 22, Norfolk Southern Railroad will begin repairing their railroad crossings throughout Belleville and will set up detours to redirect traffic.  The project will be done in two phases and should be completed early in July.

Phase 1 will begin at the Old Collinsville Rd. crossing and end with the S. 74th St. crossing. Work at each crossing location is expected to last one day, and Phase 1 of the repairs is expected to be completed by June 13, weather permitting. Phase 1 repairs include the removal of old surfacing and the installation of a temporary surface. 

After Phase 1 repairs are completed at each of the locations, Phase 2 will begin back at the Old Collinsville Rd. crossing and conclude at the S. 74th St. crossing. Phase 2 repairs include the removal of the temporary surface and installation of the new, permanent surface.

We will provide periodic updates to this page as we receive them.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Railroad Crossing Repair Locations

Estimated Closure Dates
Phase 1: ​May 22 - June 13
​Phase 2: June 13 - July 5
Crossing Locations In
​Order of Closings
Detour Maps
Location 1 Old Collinsville Rd. Detour Map
Location 2 Lebanon Ave. Detour Map
Location 3 Cart Rd. Unavailable
Location 4 State Route 159 Detour Map
Location 5 2nd St. Detour Map
Location 6 17th St. Detour Map
Location 7 North 21st St. Detour Map
Location 8 North 24th St. Unavailable
Location 9 Roesch, Inc. Unavailable
Location 10 West Main St. Detour Map
Location 11 46th St. at N. Belt West Detour Map
Location 12 South 52nd St. Detour Map
Location 13 Frank Scott Parkway Detour Map
Location 14 Foley Dr. Detour Map
Location 15 South 74th St. Detour Map