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1. Belleville Police Department-Where is the Belleville Police Department located?
2. Election Information-Where do I find information on an upcoming election?
3. Notary Public-Where can I get my document notarized?
4. Occupancy Permit-Where do I go to obtain an occupancy permit?
5. Property Auctions-Who do I contact regarding property to be auctioned in the City?
6. Property Taxes-Who do I contact regarding property taxes?
7. Property Taxes-Where do I pay my property taxes?
8. Records Search-Where do I obtain a copy of birth, death, marriage, and civil union records, and marriage and civil union licenses?
9. St. Clair County Courthouse -What is the phone number to the St. Clair County Courthouse?
10. Voting-How do I register to vote, vote by mail, or check my voter registration status?
11. Yard Sale Permits-Are yard sale permits required in the City of Belleville?