Role of the Finance Department

The Finance Department consists of four employees: the Director of Finance, a clerical supervisor, a payroll manager, and an accounts payable clerk / assistant payroll clerk. The main responsibility of the department is to provide accurate, meaningful, and timely financial and accounting information and payroll to the city departments, committees and commissions, and the City Council.

Other Responsibilities

  • Preparation of annual budget and budget monitoring
  • Preparation of the tax levy
  • Working with the City’s auditors
  • Maintenance of revenue and expenditure accounts
  • Maintain debt service records 
  • Receives all invoices and processes all cash disbursements 
  • Dissemination of monthly financial reports 
  • Adherence to Federal and State regulations to ensure compliance with proper fiscal and accounting regulations.
  • All payroll functions


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Public Act 97-0609

The City is required by Public Act 97-0609 to report the Full-time Employee Total Compensation Packages


Effective July 1, 2017, the current sales tax rate in the City of Belleville is 8.10%, with the exception of our seven business districts. The sales tax rate in each of the seven business districts (Carlyle / Green Mount, Parkway North, Frank Scott Parkway, Route 15 / South Green Mount, Route 15 North, 6401 West Main Marketplace, and Shopland Plaza) is 9.10%.

The total rate is the combination of rates from multiple taxing entities, which include the State of Illinois and St. Clair County.  Here is a breakdown of how the total rate in Belleville is distributed:

                    State of Illinois                                            5.00%

                    City of Belleville                                          1.75%

                    St. Clair County                                          0.25%

                    Metro-East Mass Transit District                0.75%

                    Metro-East Park & Recreation District        0.10%

                    County Flood Prevention District                0.25%

                    Total tax rate outside of business districts  8.10%

For each of the seven business districts listed above, the extra 1% sales tax comes to the City, but is paid back out to help pay debt associated with the development of those areas or as part of the development agreements in those areas.  

View the Locally Imposed Sales Taxes administered by the Department of Revenue.