Animal Control

The following information regarding Lost & Stray animals is provided by the Belleville Area Humane Society and the City of Belleville.

If your pet is missing:

  • Immediately put out food/water along with your pet’s bed or an article of your clothing at the location where animal was last seen.

  • Get the word out by posting flyers and signs which include a picture of your animal and your phone number. Check your phone often! Go door-to-door with flyers in the neighborhood where your pet was last seen.

  • Contact your local animal shelter, animal control facilities, vet clinics, and police departments to report your missing pet. Fax or e-mail them a photo of your dog and your contact information.

  • Instruct everyone that is helping you to NOT call or chase your pet. This may prolong your search. If they see your pet, ask them to sit or lay down (no eye contact) and gently toss out treats to lure your pet.

  • Report your lost pet to the following agencies:

    St. Clair County Animal Control (618) 235-0585 - Visit facility at least once a week until your animal is located
    Belleville Area Humane Society (618) 235-3712 - While they do not hold stray or lost animals, they do take reports from community and scans animals for micro-chips (PLEASE MICRO-CHIP OR PLACE TAGS ON YOUR PETS
    Belleville Police Department Non-Emergency Number (618) 234-1212 Belleville Animal Control will be notified when a stray is located
    Your pet's Veterinarian

  • Use these Facebook pages to report Lost & Found Animals:

    Illinois Lost Dogs (Also on Craig's List)
    Illinois Lost Cats
    Lost or Missing Pets of Belleville
    Lost or Missing Dogs of St. Clair County
    St. Clair County Animal Welfare Advocates

If you find someone else's pet:

  • Check for a license or ID tag.

  • If a license is located, call St. Clair County Animal Control (618) 235-0585, so they can contact the owners.

  • No tags? Ask around the neighborhood in case pet lives nearby.

  • Visit your local veterinarian or Belleville Area Humane Society to have animal scanned for micro-chip or tattoo.

  • Notify St. Clair County Animal Control, Belleville Area Humane Society, or Belleville Police Department of the pet you have found.

  • Create "found pet" flyers and post around neighborhood and at animal service businesses.

  • If you are unable to keep animal while searching for owner(s), contact Belleville Animal Control (618) 234-1212