Explanation of Sewer Bill

The City of Belleville bills residents on a monthly basis for sewer services, sewer line insurance, and trash services. The costs for these services can be found in the City's Code of Ordinances.

Sample Sewer Bill With Explanations

Sample Sewer Bill 8-31-18

Meter Reading from Illinois American Water

Sewer bills are based upon water usage reported to the City from Illinois American Water Co. The usage is reflected in the meter readings on the bill. Residents should compare the readings on their water bills and sewer bills to verify accuracy.  If readings do not match, the City's Sewer Billing Department should be notified at 618-233-6810 and a review should be requested.

Charges are also based upon the unit of measure of the meter, the location of the property, and whether the property is residential or commercial. The types of services are listed and explained below.

Service Charge Descriptions

INRESCGL – In Town Residential CGL

INCOMCGL – In Town Commercial CGL

OUTRESCGL – Out of Town Residential CGL

OUTCOMCGL – Out of Town Commercial CGL

INRESCCF – In Town Residential CCF

INCOMCCF – In Town Commercial CCF

OUTRESCCF – Out of Town Residential CCF

OUTCOMCCF – Out of Town Commercial CCF

INRESDCF - In Town Residential DCF

INCOMDCF - In Town Commercial DCF

OUTRESDCF - Out of Town Residential DCF

OUTCOMDCF - Out of Town Commercial DCF

Direct Debit

All payment options, including Direct Debit, are explained on the Sewer and Trash Billing page. With Direct Debit, payments are automatically made from specified checking or savings accounts. 

Important Messages

The Important Messages section includes valuable information for account holders.

Questions Regarding a Sewer Bill?

For answers to questions regarding a sewer bill, contact the City's Sewer Billing Department at 618-233-6810.