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  1. Contact Finance Director

    Contact Finance Director


  1. Archives & Genealogy Information Request Form

    This form allows for the submission of on-line requests to the Belleville Public Library for archived and genealogical information on... More…

  1. Electronic Resources Library Card

    COVID-19 has forced libraries to adapt how we operate and offer services to our community. We are making our electronic resources and... More…


  1. Online PD Job Application
  2. Private Video Surveillance Camera Registration

    This form allows Belleville residents to share information regarding their private video surveillance equipment with the Belleville... More…

  3. Submit an Online Police Report Form

    This form allows for the online reporting of various types of crimes.

  1. Online PD Job Application - 2023

    Updated Belleville Police Department Online application v.10022023.01

  2. Submit a Crime Tip Form

    Use this form to report crime tips within the City. This should only be used for 'Not-In-Progress' crime information. In the case of an... More…

  3. Supplemental / Follow-Up Police Report

    This form allows the victim to report additional information to an already existing crime report.


  1. Contact Assistant City Treasurer

    Contact Assistant City Treasurer

  2. Contact City Treasurer

    Contact City Treasurer

  3. Leak Adjustment Request Form

    Residents requesting a Leak Adjustment to their City of Belleville Sewer Bill must fill out this request form.

  1. Contact Cemetery Clerk

    Contact Cemetery Clerk

  2. Deduct Meter/Water Adjustment Form

    Residents should complete this form when they are requesting a deduct meter or watering billing adjustment.

  3. Pool Fill Adjustment Form

    Residents should fill out this form when requesting a billing adjustment for filling pools during the summer months.