Economic Development

Commercial Occupancy and Business Licenses
On May 1, 2008, the City of Belleville adopted Commercial Occupancy procedures, whereas each business that opens must first obtain a Commercial Occupancy Permit in the following instances: 
  • Before a new business opens 
  • When the owners of a business change
  • When the owners of property that is used for a business change
In some instances, a Business License is required.  Applicants submitting a Commercial Occupancy permit application must also submit a business license application for review.  A license may or may not be issued, depending on the type of business.  

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Useful Information
2010: 44,478 (official results of decennial census)
2000: 41,410 (official results of decennial census)


Median Family Income: $60,290 (estimated by Census Bureau)

Tax Rates
District Rate (2019)
St. Clair County - 1.099
SWIC Dist. 552 - 0.4589
Belleville Dist. 118 - 3.7279
Belleville Dist. 201 - 2.1518
Belleville Public Library - 0.32
City of Belleville - 2.6023

In the downtown central business district, a Special Service Area exists, which results in an additional 1.5128%. View a map of the downtown Special Service Area.  

Belleville's Top Employers
Belleville’s top employers list spans all sectors, including military, education, healthcare, manufacturing, media, government, retail, and service. The top employers list is completed each year in September and includes both part-time and full-time employees. Please click on the links below to access printable versions of the top employers list by year.

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