Fire Inspections / Code Enforcement

Fire Inspections

The City of Belleville Fire Department utilizes the 2006 International Fire Code and conducts over 2000 fire inspections every year. Belleville firefighters annually inspect every business within the corporate city limits of Belleville.

Preparing for an Inspection

• Check that all exit lights are working properly. Most exit lights have a test button to ensure the battery backup is working. Test lights often.

• Allow at least 36 inches of space for walkways, hallways, and around around electrical panels, sprinkler valves, and gas water heaters.

• Test fire extinguishers, alarm systems, and sprinkler systems annually. Typically, the phone number for the service provider is located on the paperwork/tag on the equipment.

• Make light use of extension cords. According to fire codes, they are only for temporary use. Power strips with fuses are an acceptable alternative. Stringing multiple power strips together is not acceptable. Never overload an outlet!

• Do not block sprinkler heads. A clearance of 18 inches should be maintained at all times for sprinkler heads to function properly. Never hang anything from the sprinkler heads or the sprinkler pipe.

• Contact the Fire Department with remodeling plans. They can help to make your remodel 'fire safe'.

Plan Review

The Belleville Fire Department completes a plan review of all commercial projects within the city limits of Belleville. The plan review process usually takes 10-14 working days to complete.This includes the following types of plans:

  • Alarm plans 
  • Fire protection systems (sprinkler and standpipe systems, commercial and residential) 
  • New construction 
  • Site development 
  • Tank storage 
  • Retrofit of existing spaces 

Contact Information

Questions regarding Fire Inspections or the Plan Review process may be directed to the Fire Administration Office at 618-234-2236.