A Message From the Mayor

2019 is moving along quickly! My wish for everyone is to find time to enjoy some summer relaxation. I know our family is excited to see our extended family for our oldest daughter's wedding.

Many challenges continue to present themselves to our city; the latest being the announcement of Lindenwood University-Belleville closing its Day School in May 2020. This is a very sad announcement, but we are working hard to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Summer projects are on going, and the recent state budget announcements are very favorable for Belleville. Thank you, Representative Hoffman, Representative Greenwood, and Senator Belt. State money will help Belleville build a splash pad for our children and families, extend bike trails, repair the spillway at Bicentennial Park, and improve infrastructure projects that otherwise would be left out. We will also have additional money for our list of condemned properties that are in need of being demolished.

As you may know, the Streetscape Project between 6th and 12th Streets is underway. I apologize for all the dust and detours. However, the end result will be great for Belleville. Next year, construction will begin from 12th to 17th Streets. Thanks to the state budget, the Freeburg Avenue roundabout will be moving forward within the next year, as well.

Please read the important information regarding the upcoming 2020 United States Census. An accurate count of the residents in our community is extremely important so that we receive our share of income tax, use tax, and motor fuel tax from the state. If Belleville residents are not accurately accounted for in this census count, it will mean less money from the state for the next ten years.

Thank you to all who participated in and graduated from the 3rd Annual Citizen Police Academy. 

Once again, the city appreciates everyone who helped make this year's 18th Annual Art on the Square Art Show a success. Thank you, Patty Gregory and all of the volunteers. Last but not least, a sincere thanks to all our City of Belleville staff for all of their hard work while preparing the city for our many summer events and parades. 

Biography of Mayor Mark W. Eckert

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